Monday, January 11, 2010

Move in day.

Saturday was the official moving day.

We arrived at my apartment at about 12:15 in the afternoon and unloaded everything to fast it made my head spin. Since I was the only one who packed everything up before I left, (granted some friends helped, Cat, Co, Marissa) having four people to unload it all made it astronomically easier.

Adam helped me unpack everything, and thanks to his man skills, successfully hooked up the xBox, the DVD player, and most importantly, the bed. Select Comfort beds are pretty comfortable, but MAN are they complicated.

Went to Walmart to buy all the household essentials: food, paper towels, soap, detergent, shower curtain, etc. Little did we know, the shower curtain would be the biggest debacle of my life in Springfield to date. We bought a curtain rod and the curtain, but we didn't need a rod, as
my apartment came with one. We also forgot shower rings competely. So we returned the rod, got some rings and tried again. This time, the holes for the rings in the shower curtain were about 1/16th of an inch too small, so we had to return the curtain as well. We finally got it
together, but then we realized that the shower head is located chin level to me. We went then to go buy a shower head extender, but when we attempted to remove the existing head, we
found it had all but been krazy glued into place. Discussing this fact with my landlord shortly. :)

Despite the shower fiasco, the move in went well and I am settling in.
For those of you who are curious, here's my apartment:

Notice, that Eric Carr from KISS watches me cook...

Today is the first day I am truly alone. Adam left to go home to Ark City for work this morning around 5 a.m. It was hard, but I have Kyle (my cuddle monkey) to keep me company for a little while.

I start helping out at the tattoo parlor this afternoon... Excited!

But for now, I have to go sign my lease!!

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