Friday, January 29, 2010

It is all coming together nicely.

I started at the bar last night. I work with a couple guys and 4 girls and they are all actually really nice. It was a soft opening last night so it was all friends and family of the guys who own the place, Peter and Paul. Paul bought me a scotch and champagne was free for everyone last night too. Considering I only had 3 tables (it was a slower night) I made almost 50$, which is pretty good. Tonight is the grand opening... its supposed to be insanely busy. Hopefully the snow doesn't scare everyone away.

Apprenticeship is going good. Sterilization of the tubes and stuff is officially my job. Along with grunt work like cleaning the bathroom and dusting. But its all good. Each toilet I scrub is one toilet closer to my tattooing license. :)

Been getting to know the shop guys better. All very nice and excellent artists. Ryan, one of the guys, is gonna tattoo me when we are bored. So next time everyone sees me I might have a hefty dosing of new ink.

Be prepared!

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