Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Corn nuts and Netflicks...

I am sitting in bed as we speak munching on the aforementioned, corn nuts, watching The Sunshine Cleaning on Netflicks. Internet is working significantly better today than before... though I am not sure why.

May or may not go out to the tattoo parlor and help out tonight... just awaiting a phone call.

Still terribly lonely, no new friend prospects.

I applied at 10-15 more places for jobs today and I was astonished with the level of testing require for a job working the register at the Kum & Go. I spent a solid 45 minutes taking an online personality test for them.

Still no call backs...

Oh, I tried a delicious beer last night at a bar I applied at called the Mud Lounge... its called Hobgoblin...

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