Monday, January 18, 2010

Unnamed plant

Howdy out there everyone!

Its been a busy few days! (relatively speaking) Mom and Adam came here for the weekend and my apartment looks much more like a home now. I have my Grandma Kuhn's 1960s floor-to-ceiling lamp complimenting my 70's couch and my ginormous bean bag chair. Also, mom bought me a little palm plant thingie for my living room, and its awesome. But it needs a name... any suggestions? I can't bring my puppy here, so for now, this plant is as close to a pet as I get... and my only company at night. (Kind of sad, I know...ha)

Mom also got me an awesome bookshelf... unfortunately I significantly overestimated the amount of stuff that I had to put in it. Adam and I put it together yesterday...bonding time. :)

Still no job, but I am returning an application to a brand new (not actually open yet) bar downtown called Dice, so hopefully that will pan out. I'm ready to meet people and be able to spend money again.

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