Monday, January 25, 2010

It has begun!!

The tattoo shop was inspected (and licensed) this afternoon! I hung out at the parlor all day. So far, I am just drawing. As much and as often as possible to get my hand skills back that I lost since high school. I'm not gonna lie, its nice to not HAVE to use my computer.

Any ideas for drawings, lemme know! I'm happy to do commissioned paintings/drawings!

I start training at the bar on Wednesday afternoon. It is a fancy-pants kind of place so lots of businessmen and lawyers. Hopefully status translates into tip percentage.

Met a BUNCH of people at the parlor today while I was hanging out. Planted some friend seeds, and everyone so far seems pretty darn cool.

Oh, and I am being sent out at night to pimp the parlor. That means going to bars and clubs schmoozing and handing out business cards. Excellent...

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