Sunday, February 7, 2010


It has been a busy week. I set up a facebook business account for the tattoo shop. If you have facebook, you can check out everyone's protfolios just search "Eternal Tattoo" and you should find it. Our profile picture is of my boss putting up the sign.

I've also been drawing more and more, this week my assignment was wings and feathers, neither of which I have ever drawn before, so this is a bit more of a challenge than were the skulls and roses. Nonetheless, some cool stuff is coming from it and I am definitely enjoying myself.

The bar has, unfotunately, been very slow. We have had snow storms every weekend its been open and needless to say, I am beyond broke. I have $42 in my checking account... thanks to my car insurance, rent, and iPhone repair all being due in the same week. Looking for odd jobs and such to make ends meet, and if anyone has any ideas, short of donating plasma (eww!) I am all ears!

Sundays are my only day off from the shop, which is okay, because the more I sit on my butt at home, the less I actually accomplish. Right now I am waiting on laundry... gotta make good use of my time because I haven't got much of it. :)

Have had a trying few days in other aspects, but overall I am doing good. Made some friends, Ryan, Misty, Castleberry, and Brandie... Unfortunately Castleberry enlisted last week and will be gone in like two months. Just my luck, right? Ha...

Very much appreciating all the supportive facebook comments and emails. They mean a lot.

Hope everything is going good back in Wichita.

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