Friday, April 23, 2010


This Monday went very well! The first tattoo I did was pretty bad... but it was the first time I had ever tattooed someone with a Neuma machine. After a lot of trial and error (and a doll of a client) I finished up the linework.

(traditional tattoo machines are run by electric coils, they are heavy and I had a hard time holding one.... Neumas are powered by a turbine and a clean air compressor. They weigh virtually nothing by comparison and thats the machines that I bought.)

The next tattoo gave was a gemini symbol that two friends are getting. We made it look like brushstrokes as opposed to just black boring kanji (chinese symbols) Turned out great... and I am tattooing his friend on this coming Monday.

Third was a wilting rose on a regular client of the shop... I actually have a picture of that one:

Also... dyed my hair to look like flames... this is a terrible picture, but here ya go!

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